A Collection of Poems

By Anonymous (various)

Before Schizophrenia – By Anonymous

My brother he is kites in the sky,
On a cool spring day, explaining wind and clouds.

A deeper level of looking at the lyrics
Of Pink Floyd’s The Wall
A different way of perceiving us all.
You once aimed to lead us there-

Talking on your shadow paths,
Winding towards the well.
You once aimed to lead us there-
A long ago farewell.

I followed you for many hours-
The path we tread was cruel.
I don’t regret my going there;
Perhaps I am a tool.

A friend to tread the darkened paths;
A sister in the fight.
I once walked alongside you-
You lost me in your fight.

I treasure all our memories:
The days we were the same.
You left me somewhere long ago-
I never knew the name.

The person that I knew is gone.
He wandered far along…
I miss my brother every day-
He does not know he’s gone.

By Anonymous

Even In My Fight – By Anonymous

I hate all of you,
Even all my friends-

I can’t give you guys away
To further my own ends.
I love each of you-
Even in my fight.

It happens to me everyday
And often in the night.
I try to shake it all away
By giving it its due.

I can’t wish this on myself
And least of all on you.
I try everyday-
It doesn’t always work.

I often wrestle my own thoughts 
Always in the dirt-
My demons never go away:
They crouch upon my brow.

By Anonymous

Old Pain – By Anonymous

This year I feel old pain
It hurts like ancient wood
Viaducts and acequias run through my dusty veins
An immense well of despair and grief

Fresh as that first day
What do you feel in a cold and early grave?
That, again, each winter holiday.
For 20 years, whilst family gathers and children play
Every winter break.

By Anonymous

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