NAMIWalks 2020

NAMIWalks New Mexico Pivots to Virtual
Dear NAMI Supporters and Friends,
A Virtual NAMIWalks? Absolutely!
You might have thought we were going down that road — as in a walk without a road — and you would have been right! NAMIWalks New Mexico is going to be different this year. We’re not canceling it, not when our collective mental health needs are at their greatest. We can’t; our work is too important.
The NAMI community knows how to think on our feet. Instead of canceling the walk, which would reduce funding when our programs and advocacy are needed more than ever, I am pleased to announce a walk for our times, NAMIWalks Your Way New Mexico.
It’s like the regular NAMIWalks, only virtual and with a greater reach: the reach of your imagination, the depth of your compassion, the hope for a future where every person with a mental health need receives services. With many NAMIWalks present at the end of Mental Illness Awareness Week, on World Mental Health Day (October 10), it promises to be a day and an effort to remember. We will join with dozens of other walk across the country to support mental health in America! With such a united effort, we’re guessing that it will be easier than ever to fundraise, too. We have moved NAMIWalks New Mexico to October 10 to join in the National Day of Hope. We want you to be a part of it!
NAMIWalks Your Way means what it sounds like: With so many of our lives compromised and constrained, you get to make NAMIWalks your own. You can walk around your block, you can walk around your garden, you can walk with a wok in your kitchen. If you work from home, now you can walk at home. You can stand on your head. You can a form a team and see who is the funniest, fastest, or most artistic. You can “Hula hoop for hope.” You can put on your skates and do the river path. You can walk the La Luz trail or wander on the Crest trail. You can self-fundraise while you remain safe — or do it as part of a team!
We will be sharing more information on how you can take part in our virtual event in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, focus on your self-care and staying healthy. And keep up your sense of humor…it’s good for each one of us.  
Together we’ll continue to work toward our goal of Mental Health for All.
With my best wishes,
Kris Ericson
Walk Manager 2020


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