BernCo Grant

NAMI New Mexico is happy to announce that, effective January 2020, we were the recipients of a grant from the Bernallilo County Health Initiative (BHI) totaling as much as $160,000 for a one year period. This grant was applied for as a joint effort between NAMI Albuquerque (which is in Bernallilo Country) and NAMI New Mexico. Funds from this grant will be used to help us hire an Executive Director and a Program Director. Additionally, we will use these funds, in coordination with NAMI Albuquerque, to expand many of our NAMI Signature programs conducted throughout Bernallilo County. Programs covered under this grant include: CIT Panel Presentations, Connection Support Groups, Family-to-Family Classes, Family and Friends Seminar, Family Support Group, In Our Own Voice Presentations, and Peer-to-Peer classes. In addition to helping pay for these support groups, classes, and presentations, the grant will also help pay for National and State trainings in which Bernallilo Country residents are trained as leaders to conduct the programs.  When we advertise programs covered under the BernCo grant, you will see a banner similar to this one indicating the program is made possible as a result of this BHI grant:

This (program) is made possible through the Training & Education grant, funded by the Bernallilo County Behavioral Health Initiative. Through this grant, NAMI New Mexico, in conjunction with NAMI Albuquerque, aims to increase behavioral health education and support programs to individuals living with a  mental health condition and their families within Bernallilo County

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