Nobody Knows Me

By Griffin Pofahl

Nobody knows me like you.
You’ve been with me and watched me while I grew.
Your love and devotion for me is nothing new.
You unconditionally love me, this much is true.

You’ve stayed here and fought.
Without even a thought.
Ever since I was a tot.
The things that could put me down like a shot.

Throughout my years,
Ever since I’ve had ears.
You’re right there with me, breaking down in tears.
Or being my nightlight to get rid of my fears.

So here you still remain.
Somehow, you see past the worst in my brain.
Because no matter what happens, you always feel my pain.
Even where there’s so much, it feels like getting hit by a train.

I cannot thank you enough, for everything you do for me.
The things you do to give me glee.
It’s almost as if I am truly free.
And I should always get on a knee
Your help is so valuable, there should be a fee.
But you care so much that you don’t expect anything in return, not even a cup of tea.
My life is a lock and you are always the perfect key.
From every bad situation you never decide to flee.
You are always there so I never need to worry.
Thank you for being there for me.

By Griffin Pofahl

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