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On of the hallmarks of NAMI’s programs is the ability for individuals and family members to share their stories – their lived experiences. Telling our stories is a powerful tool to fight the stigma associated with mental illness. Read stories of hope and recovery in the articles below, or access specific stories from the menu on the right. Do you have a story to share? Click >> HERE

A Lady Named Pat – By Cy Stanton

It was in the spring of 2006 when our son experienced his first major mental health crisis and ended up hospitalized for over a week.  For our family, this event came out of the blue and we were, like most families first impacted by mental illness, totally unprepared to deal with this crisis in our lives. Fortunately for us, while sitting in the family area waiting for visiting hours to begin, we found a flyer on a coffee table for a 12-week NAMI class called “Family-to-Family.”  (Read More)

Why Won’t Anyone Talk to Me? – By Anonymous

Late at night there is a man who sometimes walks the street of Route 66. He talks to himself and I can recognize his voice as he walks past my loft below. Last year I awoke one night to hearing him weeping and screaming, “Why won’t anyone talk to me?” (Read More)

A Place of Hope – By Heather Cummings

Only several months ago, as you were asleep late in the middle of the night, mothers, sisters, daughters, fathers, sons, and brothers (many of whom have a mental health condition) were released from the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) by being dropped off at a downtown Albuquerque street corner. No resources. No phone to call their family. No food to nourish their body. No health care to continue the treatment they were receiving to keep them mentally and physically well. No safety net to transition them back into the community. (Read More)

A Collection of Poems – By Anonymous (various)

My brother he is kites in the sky,
On a cool spring day, explaining wind and clouds.

A deeper level of looking at the lyrics
Of Pink Floyd’s The Wall
A different way of perceiving us all.
You once aimed to lead us there- (Read More)

Nobody Knows Me – By Griffin Pofahl

Nobody knows me like you.
You’ve been with me and watched me while I grew.
Your love and devotion for me is nothing new.
You unconditionally love me, this much is true. (Read More)

Today – By Karen Sprague

They locked me in this room
Many Times
And I fumbled (Read More)

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